Fire Emblem Heroes analysis. Mobile shift

Fear? Doubt? Expectation? Sure that you felt something of this when they announced Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile, but Intelligent Systems, along with Nintendo, the protagonist of a positive step with the launch of this “free to play”. It’s better than we expected… and even better: it still feels very Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem expectation for mobile

Fire Emblem expectation for mobileHonestly, I don’t think many people expected this Fire Emblem for mobile to have the maratonian missions of the originals. Or introduce a thousand mechanics as you progress on the adventure. Or to tell such an elaborate story. They would have loaded what should be an experience on a mobile device, which precisely seeks speed, accessibility and at the same time satisfaction.

It is good news to say that Fire Emblem Heroes meets those three requirements. And it was the most complicated thing. I had a mixture of curiosity and fear for what Intelligent Systems had done… but fortunately Curiosity has become a surprise, and fear into joy.

It is an excellently presented game with high production values. The way our units are handled is sensational, with a very careful touch interface. The plot is circumstantial, but sufficient given the approach pursued. The missions are short and are based on 4vs4 combats on each map, although maintaining the essence of the saga at all times. And the best: the “free to play” model works. Micropayments are optional, and they don’t break the experience. If you want to go faster… pay up. If not, it is still a coherent, sensational video game to always carry with you a ration of strategy by turns with the brand Intelligent Systems.

A certain blow

A certain blowWhat is certain is that surprising. I didn’t expect the challenge of translating the essence of the series into Android and iOS devices to be solved so well. It’s largely due to the boldness they threw him out. It’s seen from the first moment you run the App. It has a specific intro, the soundtrack that accompanies us recovers themes from several video games, there are some songs sung, and besides the artistic design is allowed to innovate with a more “chibi”style.

But still pure Emblem. There we have the story mode, with chapters that manage to show much of the characters in the franchise. Chrom, Marth, Corrin, Ryoma… Are enough, and you can summon to help you in the battles. Also build your own army, raise them or make them learn skills like this game golf orbit explanation from there are so many possibilities that they are even allowed to be combined.

Once you dive into the game menus, you get a little overwhelmed. In a console it would be short. On a mobile phone it’s exemplary. There is a way to play matches that are updated from time to time, a coliseum to fight in asymmetric with real players (similar to what was done in Super Mario Run) and a practice tower to increase the level of our units.

In a couple of hours you’ve already seen a high percentage of the title, but his idea is not to binge on yourself. In fact, waging events in the game costs energy, and it recovers over time (a few minutes). Here is the key to the “free to play”model. It’s not necessary to play, but let’s say it shortens the wait.

However, for me there is one element that is above the rest, and it is the way that the classic Fire Emblem mechanics have been shaped. There is something crucial, the sword-spear-axe gun triangle, which is presiding over each game, with a perfectly visible icon. Probably if you’re a fan of the saga, you’ll know it by heart, but since Fire Emblem Heroes pursues a powerful pursuit, I think it’s a great idea.



POKÉMON: ANALYSE DE L’INSPECTEUR PIKACHUPokémon: Detective Pikachu has managed to attract attention whenever new materials have been shown, whether they were adaptations of some of the Pokémon to real image of BULLET FORCE or some of the hilarious trailers they have delighted us with. The time to watch the finished film, which arrives in theaters this May 10th, has arrived and we can only say that it is a funny comedy that serves perfectly as a love letter to the fans of this legendary franchise, a great staging of those creatures we have so internalized in 2D… and little more.

The key to this adaptation has its own name: Ryan Reynolds

The actor who plays Deadpool has been in charge of doubling the Pikachu protagonist, the only one of the Pokémon capable of communicating with humans. To mention the mercenary loudmouth is not Baladi, because it has impregnated the electric mouse with much of the scoundrel character of Marvel’s anti-hero, although evidently censoring itself as this is a tape designed to also attract teenagers and children to the cinemas, but it will even fool with more adult themes such as drugs and sex if one can read between the lines.

The key to this adaptation has its own name: Ryan Reynolds 

We may be familiar with the plot, as video game aficionados have already had it in the video game Detective Pikachu: Tim Goodman travels to Ryme City, a utopian city where Pokémon and humans live in harmony and work together in search of their missing father. Tim’s father was investigating a series of strange events with the Pokémon as a common Nexus when he disappeared without a trace after a car accident. The only witness to that accident is his Pikachu, who, as we said, can speak human, but has amnesia, so the case of Tim and Detective Pikachu has a common purpose, forging an alliance that will eventually become friendship and camaraderie.

The film is constantly filling out plans by introducing some of these creatures recreated by CGI

Fans will constantly be recognizing some of the more than 800 creatures that have given us so far (housed in that special region of the brain). Unlike the controversies with Sonic’s design, here the fans will surely be quite happy with the fidelity with which these renowned bichejos have been taken to the real world of bullet force at, surprising by the large number of them that present themselves —far from the whole, we will not lie to you— as well as by the appearance of some of them in 3 dimensions. Despite the great work of animation, it will be evident as the minutes pass that the quality of the Pikachu protagonist is far above the rest, which sometimes provokes a certain feeling of artificiality for the other Pokémon.

Justice Smith's work as Tim Goodman

Justice Smith’s work as Tim Goodman is also worth reviewing. The village boy is overwhelmed at first by the fact that the Pokémon live so peacefully. A great contrast to the small town from which he came out into the game of bullet force, in which even faces have to be seen with a Cubone at the beginning of the tape, showing that, in the Wild, The Pokémon are not as defenseless as video games might have us believe. The same contrast applies to the majesty of the city, full of skyscrapers, and the fact that being a lonely soul and not having a “Pokémon companion” is seen as the main rarity of a human in this world.

However, he ends up being overshadowed by Kathryn Newton in the role of Lucy Stevens, an intrepid reporter who tries to unmask the plans of the typical evil megacorporation on duty and thus becomes an impromptu partner for the Tim/Pikachu dupla by having overlapping interests. Lucy’s determination and the comical counterpoint that her Psyduck supposes of Tim’s revered Pikachu work very well on screen in the scenes in which they coincide.


Despite being a tape of easy digestion, good rhythm and more than successful duration, which returns to the standard of the hour and a half of yesteryear, perhaps the end comes in a somewhat run-down way and is, by far, the weakest part of the tape, with visual spectacularity taking precedence over emotion or some unexpected twist as the ones we have seen in bullet force. It is predictable to no more power and does no justice to a more than decent construction of the facts that lead to that point. To a certain extent, it turns out to be the typical master plan of the bad guy on duty that goes well only temporarily and you know the heroes are going to win and it’s going to have a happy ending. And you don’t get out of the way one bit, maybe looking to not frustrate that Childish audience you’re supposed to be.

The work of Rob Letterman, the director with experience in the animation have been responsible for such films as Monsters vs Aliens or The shark tale is just right. It improves noticeably compared to the expendable nightmares, but without Ryan Reynolds it probably would not have stood out from any other Pokémon traditional animated film. In fact, as we said earlier, the film will surely lose several points if the dubbing actor in our language does not know how to sneak jokes and trinkets as well as the Canadian.


Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is very clear about the target audience and therefore perhaps focuses too much on the fan of the Pokémon Company franchise. This plays both in his favor with the number of creatures on the screen and winks for the fan, as against him; since at the narrative level he does not care too much about introducing the novice into his peculiar universe. The film is mainly based on a single character: the Pikachu dubbed by Ryan Reynolds, which we will recognize a lot of the Deadpool touch that we love so much, although evidently softened to suit much younger audiences. Both Justice Smith and, above all, Kathryn Newton are quite well placed as human protagonists, although we have not been charmed enough to ask for them to be the main characters of the franchise. If you’re a fan of this universe, surely the movie won’t disappoint you if only to see what your favorite creatures are like adapted to the real world. If not, maybe you’d better stay home.

How to complete the challenges of Fortnite Week 1 Season 8

On February 28, 2019 began the Season 8 of Pass Battle of Fortnite Battle Royale , and with it the Week 1 of this eighth season of Battle Royale of Epic Games . That means new challenges of Fortnite , as visiting camps pirates , visit a giant face in the desert, jungle and snow , or using volcanic vents . If you have already completed them all, we also help you find the secret battle star .

Challenges of Week 1 of Season 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale

Free challenges

– Visit all the pirate camps (0/7) –
Register chests in Ciudad Comercio or Chiringuito Chatarra (0/7) –
Phase 1 of 3 – Inflicts damage with shotguns and explosive weapons in the same game (0/2)

Battle Pass Challenges

– Visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle, and the snow (0/3)
– Use a volcanic vent in different games (0/5) –
Get an elimination with a shotgun, an assault rifle and an explosive weapon ( 0/3)
-Inflicts damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent (0/200)

Visit all the pirate camps

To complete this challenge, we must visit the seven pirate camps . It does not have to be in the same game; It can be done over several in any game mode . We leave you a map:

Visit all the pirate camps

Register chests in Ciudad Comercio or Chiringuito Chatarra

To complete this challenge, we must open a total of seven chests between Ciudad Comercio and Chiringuito Chatarra . This challenge can be completed throughout any number of games in any game mode. We recommend that you play MTL Team Scrimmage , and that you fall near one of these zones assuming they touch on your half of the map. Once you touch the ground, go to any chest you see, and quickly open it.

Phase 1 of 3 – Inflicts damage with shotguns and explosive weapons in the same game

This multiphase challenge requires that we deal damage with two different types of weapons in the same game. They must be completed in the following order:

Phase 1 of 3 – Inflicts damage with shotguns and explosive weapons in the same game (0/2)
Phase 2 of 3 – Inflicts damage with pistols and with rifles in the same game (0/2)
Final Phase – Inflicts damage with rifles and with submachine guns in the same game (0/2)
We recommend you to play Team Scuffle . Search the stage for the two weapons you need to complete the phase of the challenge in which you are and, with them in your power, go head to the battle.

Visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle, and the snow

To complete this challenge, we must visit three giant faces that are at different points on the map . It does not have to be in the same game; it can be throughout several in any game mode . We leave you a map.

Use a volcanic vent in different headings

The volcanic vents are in the vicinity of the volcano in the northeast area of ​​the map. To complete this challenge, we must use at least one of them in five different games in any game mode . They are jets of steam to which we must jump to rise in the air and deploy our hang glider. We leave you a map.

Get an elimination with a shotgun, an assault rifle and an explosive weapon

To complete this challenge, we must obtain an elimination with a shotgun, an assault rifle, and an explosive weapon . It does not have to be in the same game; it can be along any number of games in any game mode . We simply recommend you to consider with what weapons you need to kill an enemy, and that, as soon as you obtain one of those that you lack, you go headlong into battle. Another piece of advice is that you play Team Scuffle , where it is more or less simple to catch enemies unawares and get some death since there are many players and, in addition, there are reappearances.

Inflicts damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent

To complete this challenge, we must perform 200 damage damage total in a vehicle controlled by an enemy . This challenge can be completed throughout any number of games in any game mode. The 200 damage points can also be made to several vehicles as long as they are controlled by an enemy. We recommend that you play a Team Scrimmage and that, as soon as you see an enemy mounted in a vehicle, shoot him as much as you can. We remind you that the pirate guns count as vehicles , which are large enough to hit them simple. It might be a good idea to wait near the pirate camps until we see an enemy player picking up one.

Discovery Challenge – Week 1

We must go to the next point of the map, in Albufera Apacible. The secret battle star is at the highest point of one of the buildings.