Fire Emblem Heroes analysis. Mobile shift

Fear? Doubt? Expectation? Sure that you felt something of this when they announced Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile, but Intelligent Systems, along with Nintendo, the protagonist of a positive step with the launch of this “free to play”. It’s better than we expected… and even better: it still feels very Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem expectation for mobile

Fire Emblem expectation for mobileHonestly, I don’t think many people expected this Fire Emblem for mobile to have the maratonian missions of the originals. Or introduce a thousand mechanics as you progress on the adventure. Or to tell such an elaborate story. They would have loaded what should be an experience on a mobile device, which precisely seeks speed, accessibility and at the same time satisfaction.

It is good news to say that Fire Emblem Heroes meets those three requirements. And it was the most complicated thing. I had a mixture of curiosity and fear for what Intelligent Systems had done… but fortunately Curiosity has become a surprise, and fear into joy.

It is an excellently presented game with high production values. The way our units are handled is sensational, with a very careful touch interface. The plot is circumstantial, but sufficient given the approach pursued. The missions are short and are based on 4vs4 combats on each map, although maintaining the essence of the saga at all times. And the best: the “free to play” model works. Micropayments are optional, and they don’t break the experience. If you want to go faster… pay up. If not, it is still a coherent, sensational video game to always carry with you a ration of strategy by turns with the brand Intelligent Systems.

A certain blow

A certain blowWhat is certain is that surprising. I didn’t expect the challenge of translating the essence of the series into Android and iOS devices to be solved so well. It’s largely due to the boldness they threw him out. It’s seen from the first moment you run the App. It has a specific intro, the soundtrack that accompanies us recovers themes from several video games, there are some songs sung, and besides the artistic design is allowed to innovate with a more “chibi”style.

But still pure Emblem. There we have the story mode, with chapters that manage to show much of the characters in the franchise. Chrom, Marth, Corrin, Ryoma… Are enough, and you can summon to help you in the battles. Also build your own army, raise them or make them learn skills like this game golf orbit explanation from there are so many possibilities that they are even allowed to be combined.

Once you dive into the game menus, you get a little overwhelmed. In a console it would be short. On a mobile phone it’s exemplary. There is a way to play matches that are updated from time to time, a coliseum to fight in asymmetric with real players (similar to what was done in Super Mario Run) and a practice tower to increase the level of our units.

In a couple of hours you’ve already seen a high percentage of the title, but his idea is not to binge on yourself. In fact, waging events in the game costs energy, and it recovers over time (a few minutes). Here is the key to the “free to play”model. It’s not necessary to play, but let’s say it shortens the wait.

However, for me there is one element that is above the rest, and it is the way that the classic Fire Emblem mechanics have been shaped. There is something crucial, the sword-spear-axe gun triangle, which is presiding over each game, with a perfectly visible icon. Probably if you’re a fan of the saga, you’ll know it by heart, but since Fire Emblem Heroes pursues a powerful pursuit, I think it’s a great idea.


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