Best water type pokémon in Pokémon GO (updated to March 2019)

In this guide we introduce you to the best pokemon of water type in Pokémon GO , dividing them according to how good they are and the maximum number of combat points, so you know if they will be useful in the confrontations.

If you want to be a good trainer in Pokémon GO you must know which are the best pokémon in each of their types, and those of water have great importance. This way, if you are able to know perfectly the pokémon that you have in your power, you will be able to know which ones to use in your raids or gymnastics fights in Pokémon GO .

Knowing which are the best pokemon of water type in Pokémon Go , will allow you to always take the best choice in your combats, and for that you must know not only the most recommended, but also their maximum combat points.

Best water type pokémon in Pokémon GO (updated to March 2019)

Next we are going to divide all the water type Pokémon that exist in Pokémon GO, and in categories according to how good or bad they are, in part for the maximum amount of their combat points. Note that the combat points are a value that measures the strength that your Pokémon will have when facing other creatures. It is a combination of different hidden statistics and that is why you should take it into account.

Best water type pokémon in Pokémon GO (updated to March 2019)

List of the best water type Pokémon
The best:

Kyogre CP 4115
Gyarados CP 3391
Vaporeon CP 3114
Milotic CP 3005

The excellent ones:

Suicune CP 2983
Swampert CP 2974
Ferallgatr CP 2857
Kingler CP 2829
Omastar CP 2786
Walrein CP 2756
Kabutops CP 2713
Lapras CP 2641
Kingdra CP 2641
Poliwrath CP 2586
Starmie CP 2584
Cloyster CP 2547
Slowbro CP 2545
Slowking P 2545
Relicanth CP 2528

Very good:

Gorebyss CP 2494
Crawdaunt CP 2474
Blastoise CP 2466
Golduck CP 2450
Politoed CP 2449
Tentacruel CP 2422
Huntail CP 2340
Ludicolo CP 2323
Octillery CP 2315
Waillord CP 2280
Sharpedo CP 2181
Seaking 2162
Pelipper CP 2127
Mantine CP 2108
Seadra CP 2093
Lantrun CP 2085
Whiscash CP 2075
Qwilfish CP 2051

Neither good nor bad:

Quagsire CP 1992
Dewpong CP 1985
Marstomp CP 1776
Croconae CP 1722
Sealeo CP 1714
Azumarill CP 1588
Krabby CP 1561
Omanyte CP 1544

Below the average:

Wartortle CP 1488
Wailmer CP 1468
Poliwhirl CP 1419
Corsola CP 1378
Kabuto CP 1370
Clamperl CP 1270
Corphish CP 1230
Slowpoke CP 1226
Lombre CP 1197
Staryu CP 1157
Goldeen CP 1152
Totodile CP 1131
Mudkip CP 1128
Chinchou CP 1119
Psyduck CP 1106
Shellder CP 1080
Horses CP 1056
Tentacool CP 1040
Carvanha CP 1020


Seel CP 971
Spheal CP 962
Squirtle CP 946
Remoraid CP 912
Luvdisc 848
Poliwag CP 829
Barboaxh CP 819
Surskit CP 791
Wingull CP 765
Wooper CP 641
Lotad CP 598

The worst:

Marill CP 461
Magikarp CP 274
Feebas CP 274

The best water type Pokémon of the new generation 4

The best:

Palkia CP 4220
Manaphy CP 3299
Very strong:

Empoleon CP 2813
Gastrodon CP 2597
Good ones:

Floatzel CP 2270
Phione CP 2215
Neither good nor bad:

Lumineon CP 1866
Prinplup CP 1719
Bibarel CP 1706
Below the average:

Shellos CP 1229
Piplup CP 1118
Buizel CP 1105
Finneon CP 1045

With this you already know which are the best Pokémon of water type in Pokémon GO , so that you always choose the most suitable one. If you need more help, you have at your disposal our Pokémon GO guide , as well as our analysis of Pokémon GO to discover more about the title for Android and iOS , without forgetting all the research and reward tasks of Pokémon Go in the month of March. , how to capture Smeargle or how to take advantage of the Fighting Challenge .

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